Ice Box 360


Like many other people, I was having problems with my xBox 360 overheating. So I decided to freeze it!

It took over two days in the freezer to get the water to completely freeze, but I got it!

Everything powered up nicely as my friends and I sat down for a game of Halo 3. (We wanted to play something else, but Halo 3 was in when we froze it, so we didn’t have much choice.)

Things went well for about a half an hour, until it froze up and we had a strange light pattern from the console. It took a bit of research and since it is undocumented we concluded that it was a “System too cold” error.

After restarting, everything was fine again! At least for a while.

Then about 15 minutes later we got another error. Not sure which lights were suppose to light up. Some seemed to be half way on, but the two diagonal ones were pretty bright.

All it took was a restart, though, and things were fine.

Tips for trying this at home: