Computer Desk


Several weeks back I decided to build a computer desk. I began by modeling out my idea both on paper and also in Google Sketchup. (Links to the video are in the post New Computer Desk.)

Packaged WoodToday I took the plunge and bought the wood I would need. Total price was $320. I had hoped to spend less than $200 on wood, but the boards only came in 6 foot lengths, rather than 8 foot lengths. Had I taken more notice of this in earlier shopping, I might have been better prepared, but I was able to grab what I needed without too much rethinking of plans.

My wood options were rather limited, the only two options I was given were Pine or Aspen. (I could have gotten oak, but it was far too expensive and would have required much more work.) I had already decided to go to with Aspen.

I bought 10 boards,
3 – 1″x24″x6′ boards,
6 – 1″x12″x8′, and
1 – 1″x6″x8′.

(My original plans were more along the lines of
3 – 1″x24″x8′ boards,
3 – 1″x12″x8′, and
1 – 1″x6″x8′.
This means that I will be needing to glue some of the 12″ boards together to obtain more 24″ boards.)

Stained BoardI brought the boards home and began to stain them. My original vision was to have a lighter colored desk, more golden in color. We didn’t have this type of stain, though, and rather then buying something new, I decided to use what we had at home and went with a walnut stain.

It’s darker than imagined, but the grain on the wood is amazing. It looks wonderful, and I am very happy with it thus far.

I stained all of the boards on one side and a stained the most boards on the second side as well. Tomorrow I will finish my staining and should be able to start cutting out the pieces.

I will be posting the updates on my progress as I have time, and new photos will be posted to my flickr account. Hopefully will be able to post up my blueprints when I am able to scan them in as well.

Computer Desk
Computer Desk
Computer Desk